Grants for equipment to enable innovation in small businesses in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding

Apply for a grant

The PAPI project provides grants for equipment that enables innovation through new product development. 

A grant of 40% is available on project spend of between £20k - £50k, which equates to a grant of between £8k - £20k.

Applications are made via an initial Expression of Interest form which gives an initial overview of your project. These are reviewed by the project team for eligibility, and if accepted are developed into a full application. 

Companies can submit an Expression of Interest at any time. Full Applications will be assessed on a monthly basis. Upcoming full application deadlines can be viewed here.

Assessment is based on innovation, business growth and job creation. Given the expected level of demand for funding the process will be competitive. 

How to apply

York, North Yorkshire and East Riding project

Leeds City Region project

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  • 1. Apply for a grant

    • What you do

      Stage 1
      Provide an initial overview of the company and your plans.

      Stage 2
      Work with our experienced project team to develop the business case and full funding application.

      Applications are assessed at regular intervals by an appraisal panel.

    • How we support you

      Our project staff will help scope your EOI and assess your plans against the eligibility criteria.

      As part of the full application, our project staff can assist with business case development, market assessment and project costings.

  • 2. Procure

    • What you do

      Successful companies will provide the specification for the equipment to be purchased and score the resulting tender applications. 

      Purchase equipment from the successful supplier. 

    • How we support you

      Our project staff will create and publish the tender documents and ensure the procurement process complies with EU rules.

  • 3. Claim

    • What you do

      Provide evidence that the equipment has been purchased. 

      Monitor and report the benefits that the business has derived from the supported investment.

    • How we support you

      Our project staff will process the claim, make the payment of the grant and report the outcomes of the project to the funder.